The Job Opportunities through Business Support /JOBS Project/


JOBS Strategy :
Support the development of micro and small enterprises and agricultural producers in rural regions
Promote employment and accelerate local economic development
Stimulate entretreneurship
Expand and strengthen a network of business support organizations

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Business Center/Business Incubator Nova Zagora is a non-profit-making organization with public benefit purposes foundåd in 2000 under the "Job Opportunities through Business Support" /JOBS/ Project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy with the support of the United Nations Development Programme for Bulgaria.
Our mission is:
To create a favourable business environment through financial support, expertise and business contacts by promoting the establishment of sustainable job positions and prosperous small companies.

Business Center/Business Incubator Nova Zagora
is a member of the of the "National Business Development Network" /an association of organizations supporting the small business and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria/. The NBDN goal is the establishment of friendly business environment for the development of the private sector and employment growth.

Business Center/Business Incubator Nova Zagora supports:

  • Working micro and small companies

  • Agricultural producers

  • Local governmental, private and non-governmental organizations

  • Registered unemployed people

We offer :
Professional consultations and advice for starting and developing own business
Specialized trainings and educational programmes for improving the entrepreneurial culture
Financial support for present and future entrepreneurs and agricultural producers
Production and office premises for start-up and developing business

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